"We are not a participle; we are not fully made. We are gerund, little by little we are becoming."

-Ortega y Gasset

"I think initially bipolarity it's a mental state that goes organic. In the end, you don't know if it's a way of interpreting reality, if it's endogenous or if it's physical because it hurts. It´s difficult to differentiate. It's like a whole that unifies the outside and the organic."

- Sebastián Arce (in the photos)

This project is on going 

Parcial solar eclipse seen through four radiographies of my brain. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2020
Sebastian exhales inside the swimming pool. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2020
Sebastian´s medication lying on naked matress. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2020
Leaves of  plant make themselves visible through a viscous glass. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2020
Firework aftermath. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2020
Sebastian swims, swimming gives you the chance to lower dopamine levels and to connect to your own pulse. Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2020
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