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Girls with lion masks

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These girls standing outside their linehouses are about to celebrate Vesak Poya in the Kithulmulla community, Sri Lanka.

In Sinhala language "Poya" is the name given to the full moon day by buddhists and ''Vesak Poya" is particulary important because it commemorates the birth, enlightment and death of Buddha.

The terrorist attacks of April 2019,  left the country immersed in deep sadness and economic disadvantage, the celebrations were different: over curfew, in a very limited and silent way. Normally they prepare colorful paper lanterns by hand and hang them inside and outside their houses, cook for offerings while gathering joyfully on the streets.

These ceylonese lion masks the girls wear are nothing typical of this three day celebration. They represent an extinct prehistoric subespecie of lion, excavated in the country. It is believed to become extinct 37000 years BC.

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